Commertial EPC

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Assessment gives you:


- An accurate evaluation of your  Buildings energy efficiency


- Bespoke Recommendations to reduce your Buildings energy use

- For each Recommendation an indication of the likely payback period

- A legal document allowing you to Market the building


Why commission an Energy Performance Assessment?


- You want to sell or let the building.

It is a legal requirement that an Energy Performance Certificate is available.  This certificate can be used to indicate  to prospective buyers or tenants the relative cost of heating/cooling and lighting the building.

- You want to understand the energy  efficiency of the Building prior to  allocation of development funds.

The Recommendation Report indicates the areas where the improvements should be targeted in order to create maximum impact on energy use.

- You want to understand the Carbon Footprint of your estate prior to the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme.

The Reports show the CO2 impact of the building in KgCO2 and compared to New and Typical Buildings of this type.

What do I get?


- Energy Performance Certificate


- Recommendations Report


Why use us ?

All our assessors are accredited to Level 4 or higher NDEA

- Accuracy – all our work is signed off  by a Senior assessor. In addition our accreditation agency randomly checks a percentage of our lodged EPC’s.

- Depth of knowledge.


What is required?


- Scale plans (if available)

- Access to all parts of the building

- Any relevant technical documents

- Contact details of Building Manager or authorised person on site